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Cheapest Taxi Service Salasar Dham - Best Local & Outstation Taxi

Are you a devotee of Lord Hanuman? If yes, then you definitely have a desire to visit Salasar Dham and Mehandipur Dham. Both places are dedicated to Balaji. Many people in Chandigarh are looking for the best sources to visit such places and get the blessings of the lord. There are multiple options available to travel from Chandigarh to Salasar Dham and Chandigarh to Mehandipur Dham. In case you want something that can add enjoyment to your trip and make it memorable, you can pick Chandigarh to Salasar Dham cab service. Traveling Chandigarh to Mehandipur or Salasar via car can save lots of time and add flexibility to your schedules as well.

Things To Know About Salasar Dham

Salasar Dham or Salasar Balaji holds a great value for Hindus and devotees of Lord Hanuman in India. It is a holy place for such individuals where they want to visit. Salasar is a town located on National Highway 65 in Churu near Sujangarh, Rajasthan. The temple (Salasar Dham) is situated right in the town’s middle.

Devotees visit the temple the whole year in great strength. Ashvin Purnima and Chaitra Purnima are two special days when big fairs are arranged in the Salar Dham and devotees in millions reach here for the lord’s blessings. It also considers as a center for pilgrims those who love to visit Khatushyam Ji and Rani Sati Temple as well. Both holy places are located near the town.

Things To Know About Mehandipur Dham

Mehandipur Dham is another great place to visit as a devotee of the Lord Hanuman. It is located in district Dausa, Rajasthan. The place is holding a specific value in the Hindu religion. Mainly it is known for the exorcism of evil spirits and ritualistic healing. Many pilgrims are having an interest in visiting such a place at least once in life. Our Chandigarh to Mehandipur Dham cab service can help you in fulfilling such desire easily and comfortably.

Mehandipur is an old village that is 106 KM far from Jaipur (Capital of Rajasthan). According to the holy stories and beliefs, the temple Mehandipur Dham is representing the Virat Roop of the Lord Hanuman.

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